Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Welcome to Hey Girl! What's For Dinner?

Hey there! It's your Girl Tamara M. and welcome to Hey Girl! What's For Dinner? This is my online recipe book. It's the answer to my most asked question: What's for Dinner? I'm a wife and mother of 4 amazing children. So cooking quick and delicious meals is something I do almost every night.

My Hey-Girlfriends often call or text asking what I'm cooking looking for ideas or how to make something we've previously had. This is my gift to them and to you. I'll be posting short videos of quick recipes. Some of them I already know, and some requested by you. I generally don't use a long list of ingredients. And I'm pretty good at making short cuts to really long recipes.

So email me at Heygirlwhatsfordinner@gmail.com, Check me out on FB  & YouTube @ Hey Girl What's For Dinner? Send me comments and requests for a meal, drink, or dessert you want me to try. This will be fun, so let's start cooking!

Tamara M.


  1. Not only does this sound like a good idea, I'm sure it all taste good too.
    I'm gonna try that first recipe right now. I'm gonna get my eat on, cause
    right about now, Hey Girl... got it goin on. I'm out. Serious.

  2. Thanks for checking out the site. Hope you find a recipe or two you will enjoy. Tamara M